General risk profile

General risk profile

With a clear focus on 2 core activities, AXA Bank Belgium (ABB) takes a very conservative stance on risk matters:
(a) Retail banking in Belgium, transforming deposits into loans to retail customers and SME’s;
(b) Low-risk financial services to AXA Group, consisting mainly of repo and derivative intermediation on a back-to-back basis.

On top of this conservative business model by design, ABB further safeguards the interests of its clients, shareholders and markets through prudent risk management policies:

  • Its wholesale credit exposures are restricted to first class issuers and counterparties within a tight limit framework;
  • Its retail credit portfolio, which mainly consists of mortgage loans, shows a very low risk profile;
  • Its market activities focus on hedging market risks emerging from its core businesses; its liquidity risk is managed within very conservative standards.

More risk-related information can be found in the AXA Bank Belgium's 2018 Disclosure Report, which is prepared in accordance with Basel II Pillar III requirements.

Intermediate figures can be found below in the quarterly tables.

General Risk Profile

Quarterly tables